Friday, May 27, 2011

Happiness is...

... a beautiful, sunny day after a few days of constant, heavy drizzle.

... a peanut butter and honey sandwich and Cool Mint Oreos with milk.

... a Spanish class full of poetry and music, instead of conjugations and parts of speech.

... new headlamp bulbs for the BMW (I told you I'm a car-geek).

... gossiping over late-night Taco Bell with friends.

... Stranger Than Fiction till 2 am.

... your arm going to sleep because your friend is snuggling with you and she's cutting off your circulation.

... skipping two classes to go home and sleep (oops.)

... helping a buddy and his wife move into town and catching up for a few hours.

... feeling sore the next morning because moving your buddy's couches and beds was a really great upper-body workout.

... seeing your housemate giggle and turn red like a schoolgirl when you ask him about his new girlfriend.

... letting yourself say the occasional swear word, even if it's completely unnecessary.

... falling asleep in the sun and waking up with a pink face and arms.

... coming home to a clean room because your roommate decided to do your laundry.

... sleeping in freshly-laundered bedclothes.

... jumping down the stairs on campus because it's more fun than walking.

... feeling someone's warm breath on your skin and hand on your chest as she snuggles close to you on the couch.

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