Monday, November 11, 2013

Snapchat and religious devotion

I've got a friend at work who likes to organize little employee lunches.  We all grab a bite at some dive, gossip about work and our social lives, laugh, cackle, guffaw, etc.  Sometimes, it's just me and her at these lunches and I like those lunches better than most.

This girl swears like a sailor in her odd, Texas-meets-New York accent and her topics of choice usually include who's banging who, trips we all should take (usually to Vegas or Winstar Casino), good concerts coming up, and so on.  She dresses well too and is always put together.  In all respects, she's a pretty typical young American woman.
Except for the headscarf she wears whenever she is in public.

I admit, when I first met her and saw the headscarf and indicators of Southeast Asian heritage on her face, I assumed that she would have a funny accent and be extremely quiet and somewhat pious.  But when I heard her speak, I quickly realized she was a born-in-the-USA 'Murican citizen. Then when I heard her joke, I realized that she was no shrinking violet, that she could and would hold her own in a debate or an argument.  

A few nights ago, I sent her a Snapchat of myself sitting at my desk at work at 8pm. She responded with a Snap incredulously asking me why I was still there.  But what was interesting about the Snap she sent back was that she took care to cover her head with the hood on her sweatshirt, even though she was at home and her headscarf was probably neatly hung somewhere in the closet (or rumpled on the floor). That she wouldn't allow me to see her hair, even in a 10-second Snap, even when she was in the privacy of her own home, even though I was just one person (who isn't even interested in her in a physical way) really impressed me.

Her headscarf, while not a determining factor of her personality, was a significant symbol of her devotion. She chooses not to show her hair to the public because she believes in being devoted to her faith.

There's not really any point to this post.  I just really appreciated her devotion and felt like sharing it.


  1. I appreciate devotion to which ever creed someone subscribes...

  2. I would love to hear more about her choice and why as I have little to no knowledge on headscarfs.

  3. I love your posts. You're one of my favorites.


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