Monday, May 16, 2011

Car of the Moment

So, lately, lots of my blogging has been deep, introspective, heavy, and over dense and complicated subjects.  I look at lots of my friends' blogs and see pictures of them fishing, graduation announcements, baby photos, and all kinds of "fun" stuff.  Now, obviously, I can't post pictures of myself or announce my activities, because that would give me away, something I don't want to do.  But, goshdarnit, I'm gonna be lighthearted at the very least.

I love cars.  I love love love them.  Someday, I hope to work in the automotive industry, but I hate math, so engineering's out, and I'm not very good at drawing, so design probably is too.  So it might have to just be a hobby, something to keep me sane after a day at the office or whatever.

Regardless, right now, the objects of my affection are '60s American "compacts."  I saw a 1964 Mercury Comet convertible on eBay a few weeks ago and it had me breaking my piggy bank, looking under couch cushions, and checking my trade-in value on Edmunds to see if there'd be any way I could swing the Buy-It-Now price of $10,500.  She was black with red bucket seats and white top, and a little red pinstripe tattoo running down the side and back of the car.  289 V8, 4-speed manual transmission, unassuming steel wheels with chrome hubcaps.  I could just see myself, cruising over to Sonic, my friends piled in and waiting for those delicious slushes and milkshakes, with some Jack Johnson or Ke$ha playing on the radio (You never know what the mood of the car will be.  Make sure your music's prepared.) (That could totally be a slogan for iTunes).

I'm also totally into Ford Falcons, Chevy Corvairs and Dodge Darts.  Like I said, those older American compacts really have me going.  But then, there will always be a place in my heart for the 1963 Buick Riviera.  Mine would be silver with a black leather interior.  And my garage will always have a small space set apart for when I come across the perfect MG-TC roadster at the perfect price.

This is going to be a regular segment, I think.  Cars are probably the only things that can effectively compete with queer-mo for my attention, so it's only fitting that they get some brainlove too...

Not the exact car, but you get the idea...


  1. Ok I'm super late to this party but I want a corvair sooooo bad. Have you read the book Engines of Change by Paul Ingrassia? Great book and the Corvair figures prominently with a very interesting twist.

    I'm a gearhead too, so we have that in common.

    1. Not to be petty, but if you were a real gearhead you'd have gotten the Golf R or a Passat TDI 6-speed instead of the DSG. A manual-transmission apologist never forgets... :P

      I'll have to check out that book! I know the second-gen Corvairs fixed almost all of the handling problems Nader bitched about, so it's a dang shame that customers didn't forgive them. They're way too cool and I'd love a 66 Corvair sedan or convertible!

    2. Ah yes, I should have known YOU of all people would bring that up. That Golf R was mighty tempting. Even now I do the "what if" thing. But then I do that every time I buy a car. I love the Passat, there are just times when the idea of that Golf R is sooo appealing. If only I could have had both...but then that's the story of my life.

      As for the 6-speed in the Passat, I would have loved that but: (1) good luck finding one - no one wants to shift for themselves these days, and (2) the SEL top-of-the-line version which I really wanted could not be had with one at any price. Grrrr....

      I had a 6-speed 2004 Acura TL that I loved. That thing was a rocket and had one of the sweetest shifters I've ever driver. Someday I will have a manual again. The new GTI is appealing.

      That book has a long discussion of the Corvair, Nader and the impact of the car. One of the most interesting car-related pieces I have ever read.


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