Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's been awhile

Two holidays, three holiday destinations, a new vehicle, the end of an internship and the start of a semester, and one cross-country move later, and I'm still alive.

Dallas was amazing.  I had a great time making new friends (and a not-so-great time making enemies out of my roommates) and my internship was everything I wanted it to be. I enjoyed Dallas in a lot of ways and I learned a few things about myself, but it was also a brutal, brutal four months.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not sure if I can remember being more miserable than I did in a few moments down there.  But like I said, I learned a lot professionally and had some fun times as well.

The biggest thing I learned was how to be alone.  That sounds super-duper dramatic, but it wasn't really.  I had a hard time initially because I lived so far away from the other interns and didn't get along with my roommates, but after not too long I learned to fall into my work and to make friends and to enjoy my time to myself.  I spent one or two weekends locked in my room alternating between Netflix and hot chocolate and I occasionally got lost in downtown Dallas and found things to do.  It was a really, really nice semester.

I also tried dating. It sucked.  Not so great at dating, probably gonna put that on the back burner for a looooooong time.

Anyway, I'm alive and back in Rexburg, eager to throw down on another semester and achieve some giddy little heights for my last half-year here.

¡Paz afuera!

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