Monday, June 27, 2011

Hung Up

I'd never admit it to your face, but I'm still hung up on you a little.  You don't give me heartache like you used to, but every time I dress particularly well and have my hair done particularly nicely, I think, "I wish you could see me today, because then you'd know how well I'm doing."  Which, of course, is ironic, because if I'm really doing that well, I wouldn't need to prove it to you.

I'm on the upswing and so far you haven't damaged me as much as I thought you would have, so I'm sorry for overreacting like I did.  Still, I wish I didn't think about you every time I filed my nails, ironed my t-shirts and jeans, and scrubbed behind my ears (stuff I know you notice and care about).  I suppose I'm grateful you've inspired me be trimmer, neater, and cleaner, at least.

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