Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Christ's love

In my first appointment with my bishop here in Idaho, he advised me to continue to use my calling as a Sunday School teacher to testify of what I knew.

People keep telling me my testimony is stronger than I give credit for.  I disagree. But I'm gonna try and testify today, at least for a few minutes. It's a rough day and I have a lot on my mind and a few things to stress about this week, but I need to take a break for a few minutes and think about something else.

I know that God loves us infinitely and that his power to forgive is far beyond what we could possibly understand or perceive. Unlike us mortal beings, God's capacity for love and forgiveness has no limit. We can never go too far for him to help us return.

In a like manner, Christ loves us and understands us perfectly.  He can help us, we just need to figure out how to let him.

So there it is.  Short and sweet. My simple, small testimony.

1 comment:

  1. Simple yet profound if you think about it.


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