Sunday, July 7, 2013

A shameless plug for someone who flattered me

I am always so honored whenever I hear of how my story has changed another person.  I don't really like tooting my own horn (blogging on topics like this notwithstanding) but I'm grateful for those people who have reached out to me and helped me along my own spiritual journey as well. So this is a post that goes out to just about everyone who's ever commented, e-mailed, blogged, Facebooked, Buzzed, Blinged, tweeted, plus'd, Grinded (yes, even Grindr can have positive uses [this one's for you, BDA]), WHATEVER, in my direction. Hearing your stories have been a great help to me and I'm so thankful for your support and love.

The most recent example has been White Birch Girl. She is a member of another faith who is not gay, so having her reach out to me was something of an anomaly.  Nonetheless, she is a deeply sensitive woman and she has lots of thoughts worth sharing.

I'm not linking to her because she linked to me. I'm linking to her because I think she has an amazing viewpoint that deserves more attention than it gets.  Her blog is somewhat scattered, which is refreshing. She doesn't post about being a "birch" or being a "girl," she posts on whatever is on her mind.  I appreciate that so much. I especially love her post on suicide and math. She is a thoughtful person, not in that she's considerate (although I'm sure she is), but in that she thinks on things. Check out her blog. It's worth a read.

Photo copyright Susan Sweeny,, via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words and the lovely white birches. They mean so much, especially coming from you. So far, in my life, there have been two blogs that I really love. The first one I read about ten years ago, when I was going through a personal crisis (I guess that could be the topic of a future post in and of itself). The second blog is yours. Whatever life (and God) has in store for you, I'm sure it will be amazing. Because you are an extraordinary person. I can honestly say that while I love the 'Gay' (read: same-gender attracted) and I love the 'Mormon', it's the 'Pioneer' that I like best of all. Thanks for letting me tag along and share your journey. I can't wait to hear what you're up to next.


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