Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long-Overdue Life Update

Well, I've uprooted myself yet again and moved.  I haven't lived in the same place for more than 9 months since I was 18 years old and still living at home.  That first move was terrifying.  Going away to college for the first time, moving from my home state for the first time, and going the furthest away any of my family ever had (except perhaps for missions) was so scary, but I suppose I found something I liked about it, because ever since, I haven't been able to stay in the same place. 

Always moving, looking for something else, something new.  It's not a matter of dissatisfaction with my current life, although I suppose I have the impulse to run whenever things get tough, but none of my moves have ever been motivated by running from something.  I just get antsy I guess.  I figure, until I have some real reasons to stick around (big-boy job, family, mortgage, etc.) I'll just always feel like roaming.  I think the desire to uproot myself stems from my total lack of roots.  There's nothing stopping me from leaving, so why not leave until I find something to stick around for?

Anyway, I've moved again.  And I celebrated my move by unpacking and then immediately going on vacation.  Took a road trip with some friends to a lake I love and spent four days camping, cooking great food over the fire, playing on jet skis, and reading The Hunger Games trilogy.  Possibly more on that later.  And now, I've finally just gotten home.  Scrubbed and clean after three nights sleeping in a tent, I'm feeling more handsome now than I have in months, although it's probably just the monumental change from the disgusting, smelly camp me to the barely presentable, sunburned (but scrubbed and shaven!) post-vaca me that's making me feel that way.

And now that I'm back, I'll have to be finding work.  Two outstanding speeding tickets, plus rent, insurance, and food to pay for now.  Heh.  I hate being on my own sometimes.  Got a few leads on a few jobs, and in the meantime I'll be doing some crowd-control work at local concerts and community events at night, so I'll have barely enough to scrape by for a few weeks till I can find a real job.  The nice thing about moving this time of year is that all of the other college students are just now leaving for school, so I can take all their old jobs.

And with regards to the Gay Mormon Pioneer, things are going okay.  There's more distance between porn and me than there has been in a long time, my new bishop is eager to meet me and get me on a mission, and my parents have been very helpful in the moving process, which just makes me love them and trust them more. They're close, so I suppose this move isn't as drastic as some of the others have been, but it'll be nice to have some semblance of home in all my vagabond wandering.

A quick thought about my bishop: he was once the Evergreen International support group high council sponsor or whatever you'd call it from the stake.  I'm excited to hear some of his insights.  I called him on the phone before the move and told him a lot about me so he wouldn't be surprised and I'm stoked to meet him tomorrow.  I have no idea how I feel about EI, but I figure the more exposure to gays a bishop gets, the more entitled he is to revelation about it.  'Twill be interesting for sure.

More as it comes, but as for now, I'm going to go try and finish The Hunger Games tonight.  By the way, I'm totally on Team Peeta.  Gale's great, but Peeta's phenomenal.

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