Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not-So-Straight Moment

Full disclosure, this is gonna be a really metro/gay post.  I'm not a big fashionista and I'm not super label-conscious, but I like to think that I've cultivated a very specific style for myself and I love shopping for clothes that fit that style.  I love clothes.  Love love love.

My loving and considerate mother outdid herself this year.  I got two packages from her yesterday which I only just picked up today, one for my birthday last week and one for Easter today.

For my birthday, she sent a pair of Lucky jeans. Over Spring Break, she gave me a shopping trip for my birthday since I needed some new clothes.  One day, she sent me to the mall and asked jocularly that I keep the tab below a grand, haha.  After $100 worth of new shoes, pants, and shirts, I came home a little dejected because I couldn't find any deals on Lucky jeans, which are my faves.  I used to have to wear them in high school because they were the only jeans that fit my lanky legs and I got spoiled, so now that I'm a bit fuller, the cheap jeans that fit don't cut the mustard.  But I just can't justify spending more than $40 on what is essentially a work garment.

In any case, my awesome mom sent out a pair of Luckys because she knows I like 'em.  I just hope she didn't spend retail for them, haha.

Sidenote:  I'd like Luckys a lot more if I was sexually active, haha.  Something about the "Lucky You" emblazoned on a patch inside the fly makes me really look forward to getting married and have the wife unzip those pants.

I guess this ended up being a pretty straight post after all...

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