Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playing the heathen today

Well, I'm living in open rebellion today.

For various reasons, both significant and selfishly petty, this weekend sucked balls. It was awful.  There were glimmering moments of niceness, but by and large (and due to my own bad attitude, I freely admit), it was a terrible, terrible three days.

So instead of going to church today, I'm staying home and listening to Spotify and dancing around, cleaning the house. Remember a few days ago how I said I'm staying the course? Well, I'll restart tomorrow.  Today, I refuse to think about anything that will make me sad, even if it makes me a better person. Sure, I feel guilty, and I'm a little paranoid what my parents would think if they were in town to witness this, and I feel like I have to make up excuses for each of those friends who ask where I'm at. But I made it to age 24 as a single, gay Mormon (three of the most sex-obsessed and repressed demographics ever) without ever getting it on with someone, so for that I've earned myself a day off.

Later today I'll attend the CES fireside broadcast and tomorrow I'll participate in FHE and on Thursday I'll go to Institute, and if all goes well this week, I'll take the sacrament next Sunday.  Right now, however, Ke$ha, Smashing Pumpkins, BeyoncĂ© and Imagine Dragons will accompany my one-man dance party.


  1. Everyone needs a break and mental health day now and then. Enjoy.

  2. Replies
    1. Dangit, I wish I'd seen this in time. That was the one thing that was missing!

  3. HA ha ha, I love how your rebellion takes the form of dancing around to Spotify and cleaning the house. Sounds like me except there's less singing and more dancing. Cleaning always makes me feel good.


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