Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gay musings just for the sake of getting a post out

It's been a really long time since I've posted here.  I haven't been busy or anything, I just haven't had a topic.  Anyway, a few gay-related things have popped in an out of my head for the past few days. Some are boring, some are funny.  Skip this one if you're looking for something that's more than mindless drivel ;)

A few days ago some friends and I were at dinner (I ordered a hamburger with peanut butter and jalapeños and it was so good).  We were talking about how all of Hilary Swank's movies are inspirationally depressing, then how she's vaguely mannish-looking.  Then we talked about other mannish-looking Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Garner et al.  Now, personally, I find most of these women somewhat attractive, so I piped up and meant to say, "I'm down with these women," but what came out instead was, "I'm down with the masculine." The whole table went silent and then my friend (who knows) busted out laughing like a hyena. Freud 1, GMP 0.

So I hear the Boy Scouts are considering letting individual units decide on homosexuality.  I also hear that the church is conspicuously silent on the matter.  I remember several years ago, my dad was the unit commissioner of our little troop and one Sunday, he had all the Scouts block the doors while he passed out donation slips, chiding the Elders and High Priests in attendance that BSA was considering allowing gay scoutmasters to participate in scouting and that the church needed to be BSA's biggest support so if such a policy were "in danger" of being enacted, the church would have some financial strings to pull.  I don't remember being offended, because I was 13 and hadn't really figured out I was gay yet, but remembering that now, I'm glad to see the church has been silent in this period of flux.  BSA needs to act autonomously and recognize that gay people are capable of being God-fearing, physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. I'm not gonna wave any flags for either argument, but this feels like progress to me.

Tonight was the first time I've ever been more interested in the football than the commercials or the half-time show.  That kinda feels good.  Football is a really cool sport, I'd like to watch it more frequently next season.

Speaking of the half-time show, Beyonce could totally "cure" me.  Holy hell, her legs go for miles.  I mean, obviously I love her because I'm gay, but damn, I'd love her straight too. She's a babe.  Jay-Z's a lucky, lucky dude. I'm gonna go listen to some Sasha Fierce now.


  1. I'm down with the masculine. I love you. and this entire post. and really miss you!

  2. I had a similar experience when I was telling a story about dating to a room full if YSA. I was always careful to never use gender words like he/she etched... Instead would say they. At some point in the story I started saying he. Until somebody stopped me and said "you mean she", I said " What was I saying", I was told I was saying he. My friend in the room that knew started laughing uncontrollably. I replied by saying, "did I forget to mention the date had a penis, Adam's apple and beard". Everyone else started laughing and they presumed I was joking.

  3. I just LOVE it when there is someone who knows in a room full of people who do not. I love secrets and shared inside stuff like that. Nothing more fun than two people in the know and all the subtle comments and double entendre that is possible.


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