Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A few completely random thoughts before bed

This is unconventional for me. Here are a few random thoughts I have knocking about my head right now.

As of right now, I have had as many page views as my old apartment's gate code when I lived in Texas.

A reader e-mailed me with a salutation that read, "Dear Batman," because I'm anonymous and he didn't know how else to phrase it. So I closed my reply with, "Regards, Batman," and that felt so cool.

I'm damn terrified of tomorrow. I'm tearing into my car's rear axle to try and fix it and I'm really worried I'm gonna find more damage than I thought or muck it up worse. Prayers please.

Today, I deliberately slept through campus devotional and my last two classes. I felt guilty about it, but then again, I'm young. Why not be a little reckless occasionally? [Words I'll regret when I'm penniless and unemployed because no one will hire someone with that kind of attitude.]

My friend is selling all of his belongings and buying a van to travel from Vancouver to Panama in. That's 4800 miles, or more than 300,000 inches, if you'd rather view it like that. I'm equal parts jealous and terrified I'll never see him again.

I'm going to make it a goal to camp at least once monthly for the next year or until I serve a mission.  Camping, even if it's car camping, is a great experience.

I need a new cell phone. Mine keeps falling apart in my hands whenever I take it out of my pocket. It's kind of awkward holding a speaker to your ear with one hand and a microphone to your mouth with another, especially if you need to dial a number while on a call.

I might buy my cousin's 1966 Volvo Amazon hot rod.  How do you feel about that? I feel good.

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